In today’s era word fashion is not just limited to celebrities and models instead the common people are connected with world of fashion too. The level of awareness has raised through different media modes like television, internet, and newspaper. Women are adapting different style statements and ever changing fashion trends through movies and television serials. The fashion is one such thing that changes every season every year and at rapid pace. Here are some of the most wearable fashion trends for women for the year 2017:

Sporty Look:

The sporty look is the new style quotient for the winters. An old-school approach is making a comeback this autumn/winter season. The classics like stripes, gym shorts, leather leggings can give up a fresh look. Sporty design gives a nice look and great body shape. Racer backs and polo necks are in fashion trends for the year.


The cape is the new fashion trend for women this winter. This dress closely resembles with poncho but large enough to beat the winters. It looks equally good with either sides up/down and go well with winter dressings. Neutral colors are the best to choose.

Trucker Jackets:

The trucker-jacket a must have for your wardrobe this year. The denim jackets have very trendy and smart look especially when worn under a layer crates a latest fashion trend. Choose to wear it with slim jeans and in unbuttoned fashion on a loose t-shirt. This is an absolute essential to complete one’s wardrobe.


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Gypsy is the biggest fashion trend for women in year 2017. Add exta spice and colors to your usual wardrobe with gypset. Layered tunics with Aladdin pants, classic accessories and bold floral patterns, will fire up the look.


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A-line has been up in the fashion for some time now and its demand has been rising. A fusion of masculine jackets with modern floral prints or colourful zigzags, or straight-leg trousers, can leave no doubt. A-line jumpsuits, and dresses, or skirts with embroidery, paired with shirts or knits, are feminine.

Stylish Sarees:

The Indian ethnic wear is not just limited to Indians only. Wear the sarees with modern twist. Innovate the blouses using the fancy laces, a crop top, a tube and make it a fancy one. Make a fusion of the saree with modern twist such as gown for the year.

Long Vests:

Long vest, are perfect for the pre-fall, as it is the season with pleasant weather. They have slimming effect on the body looks, especially when left open. They can be carried well in months of late summers like September for bare hands, and along with sweaters in case of cold.

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